Modern Music School has a clear goal in mind: We want to lead our students towards their goals by taking the shortest route, all the while having as much fun as possible. As a result, they will enjoy making music with others for the rest of their lives.

For over 25 years ...

... the Modern Music School has motivated people all over the world to make music – no matter what qualifications they have. Our formula for success is a mix of scientific research, practical experience and the consistent desire to make the learning process easy and natural.

Although the essence of what constitutes modern education and successful learning is not readily tangible, important characteristics can be identified – characteristics, which are always at the forefront at the Modern Music School.

Learning is easy.

Even if this wasn't true for most of us when we studied Mathematics or Geography, in reality our brain absorbs and processes everything that we do and learn that brings us joy. Thus, music is the perfect input. When we do things in a playful manner, time goes by quickly. When we make music, time passes quicker with every beat we play. Studying feels like a leisure activity.

Those who make music are winners. Scientists have shown, that people who learn to play an instrument are able to concentrate more easily, have more refined communication skills and benefit from having an improved mood. Social interaction takes place more effortlessly – especially when music is taught in a group. During group lessons companionship replaces competition.

The Modern Music School has created a unique method based on findings from learning and teaching research. What motivates and inspires us? How do we learn effectively? How do we achieve our goals quickly? Our students don’t have to ask these questions. For them it is just important to make unimagined progress. Without pressure, stress or constraints. We make way for enthusiasm!

Modern Music School teachers convey fun and excitement, where other teacher may be known for their narrow-mindedness. They practice Edu-tainment – enjoyable learning. No other way of teaching would be acceptable to them because they are born-and-bred musicians. They care about their students with as much enthusiasm as they have to go on stage to rock out with an audience.


School rhymes with cool.

And this is exactly what learning should feel like. At the Modern Music School we care about having a great time together which is also why we believe that making mistakes is part of the learning process. Our students progress quickly and are having fun all along the way. Consequently, they are becoming both self-confident and tolerant. Things that might be unthinkable in traditional and conservative school concepts are in the order of the day at the Modern Music School.

Our teachers are trained in our specific teaching methods and regularly advance their qualifications and professional as well as personal skills.

Educational materials are no exception to the Modern Music School’s rule: We do it our own way! The market is overflowing with study kits and teaching materials from different providers – but at the MMS we trust and rely on our own experience. That is why we assign our most successful instructors to write books for our lessons. The teachers have the best experience to decide which exercises and methods are the most efficient and fun.

The MMS Curriculum is the common thread that runs through the school – a practical collection of topics combining everything that has to be taught. CDs and DVDs with audio versions of the exercises complement the textbooks. Especially popular are our practice-songs to sing along: the Playalongs. Students can replay the music at individual and variable speeds, automatically repeat the music and much more. The learning material turns into a multimedia study experience.

One of the world’s leading music publishers – Schott Music – carries the Modern Music School Basic Books in their program. These are commercially available worldwide outside of the MMS. But there is no doubt: A book is just a book. It only becomes truly effective in the hands of a trained MMS instructor.