George Kollias' Odyssey has just begun...

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 George Kollias' Odyssey has just begun... (kollias_dbd-beginning_cover.jpg)

This is the book series you have been waiting for a long time….
Modu Publishing presents “The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming” by George Kollias!

Well known as one of the leaders of Extreme Metal Drumming, George Kollias remains at the top of today’s Metal scene and goes way beyond that with this 3 parts book series.

Each one of these intense exercise books is for a different level of Drummers and at the end of every book you will be ready to move up to the next level!

A complete journey that will travel you into history with great adventures and playalongs, a true challenge!

It is the ultimate tool for both Students and Teachers since it is the most "into the point" book about double bass drumming, specially created from the drummer master of the legendary US  band, NILE!

With his own DVD series “Intense Metal Drumming” & “Intense Metal Drumming II” being ranked amongst the Top 3 of the Worldwide sales charts, George Kollias is now introducing the 1st book named “The beginning”!

The Journey has just begun…
Receive your selected copy prior to the release date AND personally autographed by the top master drummer.

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