Walfredo Reyes Jr. about Modern Music School

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 Walfredo Reyes Jr. about Modern Music School (walfredo2_640x480.jpg)

Walfredo is the drummer for the stars (Christina Aguilera, Santana, Steve Winwood, Gloria Estefan, Lindsey Buckingham) and one of our friends and guest lecturers.

"I have been honored in the past years to be invited to Modern Music School as a clinician. I was impressed by what Peter Becker, the founder, has created – a curriculum and a group of teachers that not only teach the students high quality level of music but prepares the student for the real music world when they leave school. I found the students highly motivated and serious about learning music and "making it" in the music business. Modern Music School is serious and dedicated to teach them what they need to achieve their dreams."