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Playing the drums is pure action and loads of fun – especially when you’re playing in a band. You give the count, and off you are, your songs take off like a rocket. And you’re the one who gets to hold the steering wheel.

On the drums, coordination is everything. Luckily, though, you can practice coordination step by step. Your teacher will show you how to effortlessly play your favorite music from the get-go. Rock, metal, or punk. Or perhaps funk, soul, and jazz?

This is the instrument for all those who want to musically blow off steam. Now you’ll have to pick – electric or acoustic?

The electric guitar is the embodiment of rock music. All the way from punk to metal, no instrument has more influence on the overall sound than the electric guitar. However, other styles (such as blues, soul, and jazz) can benefit from it, too.

Looking for something special? Then the electric bass might well be your instrument. Since it’s the deepest instrument in the band, many people fail to hear it. Should the bass fail, however, the music lacks that nice (and absolutely essential) vibrating feeling somewhere deep in your stomach. Interested? The “electric bass guitar”, as the electric bass is also known, has often been shoved off to the side by the electric guitar. But while the electric bass is larger and heavier, it is not at all harder to learn. Your bass instructor will make sure of that.

Open your heart and touch the soul. Your voice can unfold anywhere you want: In a choir, under the shower, at parties with your friends, at the karaoke bar, or live, while on stage. How and where doesn’t matter – whenever you sing, you conjure up great emotions. Most particularly within yourself. And, if you want, in your audience, too. How convenient, then, that any song or style you might possibly want to sing can be taught with appropriate exercises and songs.

Black and white is creative, especially when speaking of keys.

Playing the piano or keyboard means to be able to create any song in the world by using ten fingers; the number of songs borders infinity. The use of this instrument is equally variable – with the keys under your fingers, you are a soloist, accompanist, and band colleague.

Kling Klong – the musical early education that’s fun and follows a system!

Alongside the monkey Kling Klong, children between the ages of 1 ½ and 7 explore the world of music. They are attended to by friendly instructors who themselves love music more than anything. They sing and dance together, experience rhythm and sound and play with instruments appropriate for children.