With its more than 80 international branches, Modern Music School is one of the largest music schools in the world. It was founded in Germany in 1987 by Hans-Peter Becker, professional drummer and business economist. Ever since, our school has grown further and further, mainly thanks to its successful teaching and learning concept for rock and pop music. In 2011, Modern Music School arrived in the United States of America. Our first school on American soil can be found in Pasadena, California.

Modern Music School is the perfect choice for beginners, intermediates and professionals of all ages. After all, we offer a suitable program for each and every student – starting at the Personal Program for individual and particular interests, and reaching all the way to the Band Program, which is aimed at making progress by having fun as a group.

At Modern Music School, all teachers are professional musicians with special training from MMS central. The entire concept is based on motivation, practical relevance and brain-friendly teaching – a fact reflected by the golden thread found at the core of our own set of text books. We help our students become people of confidence who express themselves through music and use it to realize their own potential.

But Modern Music School is so much more than just classes. We get our students to perform live and on stage, we present their bands on our website, and we present awards for success. Ultimately, we open up the door to the MMS Community – a network of music fans where everyone is welcome. From the occasional guitar player to the professional vocalist.

040 94 36 18 92
0179 77 71 60 9

Ulzburger Straße 308,
22846, Norderstedt
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Latest news

 George Kollias' Odyssey has just begun... (kollias_dbd-beginning_cover.jpg)

George Kollias' Odyssey has just begun...

This is the book series you have been waiting for a long time….
Modu Publishing presents “The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming” by George Kollias!

Well known as one of the leaders of Extreme Metal Drumming, George Kollias...

 George Kollias' Odyssey has just begun... (kollias_dbd-beginning_cover.jpg)


Judith Klar
Lars-Oliver Horl
Tobias Noormann
Jonathan Ihlenfeld-Cuniado
Ivan Timoshenko
Martin Ziemsky
Arne Kruschel

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Tuition rates

Participants Duration of weekly lesson Duration of contract agreement Program Monthly tuition
community 5 - 8 60 min 12 month(s) 49.00
comfort 2 - 4 45 min 6 month(s) 69.00
custom 30 1 - 1 30 min 6 month(s) 79.00
custom 45 1 - 1 45 min 6 month(s) 119.00
custom plus 30 1 - 1 30 min 3 month(s)
custom plus 45 1 - 1 45 min 3 month(s) 129.00

Membership Partners

Just Music Hamburg

Schüler erhalten nach Vorlage der Membership Card immer den bestmöglichen Preis!

Feldstraße 66 
20359 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 - 87 88 89 00

Kegel & Bowling Center Norderstedt

Kegel & Bowling Center Norderstedt

Die Schüler der Modern Music School erhalten bei Vorlage ihrer Membership-Card ein Softdrink oder ein Heißgetränk kostenfrei bei Buchung einer Bowling/Kegelbahn oder eines Billard-Tisches.

Fahrradhaus Velo-Tech

Fahrradhaus Velo-Tech

Die Schüler der Modern Music School erhalten bei Vorlage ihrer MMS-Membership-Card einen Rabatt von 5% bei Neukauf eines Rades.

Basis Recordings
Schüler erhalten nach Vorlage der Membership Card einen Rabatt von 10%!
Basis Recordings
Tel: 040 - 79 69 07 03
Biedler Bikes
Schüler erhalten nach Vorlage der Membership Card einen Rabatt von 10%!

Biedler Bikes
Jarrestr. 29
22303 Hamburg
Tel: 040 - 27 88 27 68
Fax: 040 - 27 80 88 80


Jeder MMS Schüler erhält im BEAM-Shop exklusive Rabatte auf Modern Music School Fanartikel & Kleidung, Musikzubehör sowie Instrumental- & Fachbücher.

Fabrik Schön

Schüler erhalten nach Vorlage der Membership Card einen Rabatt von 10%!
Ulzburger Straße 302
22846 Norderstedt
Tel: 040 - 357 39 666


Lex Laufexperten

Schüler erhalten nach Vorlage der Membership Card 5% Rabatt auf das gesamte Sortiment!

Lex Laufexperten
Gyde Temme
Ulzburger Straße 375
22846 Norderstedt
Tel.: 040-35777254

Fantasia & Sapori d'Italia bei Alberto

Schüler erhalten nach Vorlage der Membership Card einen Rabatt von 20% auf alles im Außer-Haus-Verkauf! 

Rathausallee 10-12
22846 Norderstedt
Tel. 040-94369834