Tobias Haug

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Tobias Haug

Tobias Haug
  • Three years of piano lessons
  • Over many years choir singing
  • At age 18 began playing the guitar self-educated
  • From 19 years working as a guitar teacher, 20 years of teaching experience thus
  • Graduate of professional studies at the "School of Rock Guitar" (SRG)
  • Further education by Abi house, Reb Beach, Peter Fischer, Jennifer Batten, Arthur Hull, etc.
  • Played in various bands in the styles pop, rock, metal, jazz and musical
  • Graduate of guitarbuilder at Formentera Guitars
  • Teaching at several locations of the MMS
  • Lecturer in Professional Guitar Program of the MMS
  • Owner of the MMS in Frankfurt

Many aspiring guitarists dream of a world-class career as a musician. Most of them come to some point, however, where they need to realize that it is hard to earn money. Frustrated, they start out of necessity to teach. Accordingly, the lessons are then de-motivating.

For Tobias this was different from the start: As soon as he had earned his first laurels as a guitarist, he began to share his acquired knowledge with joy. This is still true today. With patience and motivation for the hundredth time, he also shows the riff from Smoke On The Water or explains the difference between major and minor. As much as he is on stage made him the teaching is still a little more fun – whether children, adolescents or adults.

After many years of private teaching Tobias finally started at MMS as a teacher. He was enthusiastic from the start with its concept, and finally founded the MMS office in Frankfurt.