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An der Modern Music School lernen unsere Schüler ihr Wunschinstrument Gitarre, Schlagzeug, Bass, Keyboard/Klavier oder auch Gesang mit begeisterten, motivierenden, methodisch und didaktisch geschulten Musiklehrern. Unsere Lehrer wissen, wie sie die Interessen der Schüler in den Mittelpunkt stellen.

Aaron Earl Graham

Matt Franceschini

Erin Sutton

Nick Varelas

Zack Brannon

James Dekker

Abbey Coulthard

Griffin MacLeod

Griffin MacLeod is a Canadian jazz/rock bassist and multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, vocals, percussion).
Growing up in a musical family, Griffin was heavily influenced by his guitarist father and an array of famous bass players such as Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, Geddy Lee,
John Entwistle, Roger Waters, John Deacon and Jaco Pastorious to name a few.
Griffin began playing bass at the age of 12. He was a member of the Delta Secondary concert band throughout high school.
Upon graduating, he received numerous scholarships from local societies such as the Delta Music Makers Community Band Society, Delta Concert Band and
the Ken Sotvedt Memorial Scholarship. During that time, Griffin was a member of the post-hardcore band Youth Offender which recorded an EP and performed in the Vancouver area.
Presently, Griffin is a member of the electroacoustic post-rock Prepurity Ensemble.
Griffin is currently studying at the Vancouver Community College School of Music with instructors such as Dr. David Branter, Francois Houle, Ted Greene, Giorgio Magnanensi, Alan Matheson, Rob
McKenzie, Sharon Minemoto, Laurence Mollerup and Ken Morrison. Griffin’s love of teaching comes from the passion for learning that he has experienced throughout his education.
Griffin wants to inspire and motivate others to follow their passion for music and run with it.

Michael Bagchi

Michael studied at Capilano University as a jazz contemporary drum major. There
he studied with Dave Robbins and Craig Scott, who are among the top Jazz
drummers in Canada. Michael plays in a wide variety of genres including:
instrumental, blues, jazz, rock, fusion, hip-hop, hard rock, and metal. He plays in a
metal band named “Technical Damage” and frequently plays jazz shows around

Timothy Horan

Timothy Horan is a multi-instrumentalist who has played and studied music since the age of four. He attended Capilano University from 2011-2016 where he studied both classical and jazz music. His playing draws influence from a variety of styles including: rock, hip-hop, funk, metal, pop, latin, and R&B; as he believes the most important attribute a musician can possess is versatility. Using a positive attitude and a nuanced approach to playing in a variety of styles, Tim seeks to bring a fun musical experience that caters to the individual student.

Aaron Brazeau

Aaron Brazeau is a contemporary guitarist and pianist based in Vancouver. Aaron has a degree in applied music majoring in jazz contemporary guitar and jazz piano. Becoming a music coach at Modern Music School in Vancouver expedited his musical growth and puts music into every aspect of his life.
Prior to his studies at VCC, Aaron had played many events including opening in talent shows alongside musicians such as Tyler Shaw. Stylistically Aaron enjoys playing different genres including Pop, Rock, Jazz and many others. 

Seah Maister

Seah Maister is an accomplished singer, songwriter, music collaborator and teacher. Some highlights of Seah’s career so far include: Singing background vocals on former TOTO front man Jean Michel-Byron’s new album (TBA). Background vocals and keys for TRAILIGHT’s most recent release (2015) which features Dave Padden on vocals (formerly of Annihilator) and Ryan Van Poederooyen on drums (Devon Townsend Project.) Performing the internationally acclaimed Kaslo Jazz Festival with her original project SOUND OF THE SUN. Seah grew up performing. Whether singing, acting or dancing she was always putting on a show. Starting her training early, she took up piano lessons at the age of 8. Though she wasn’t too keen to stick to any kind of formal structure. Seah would pick a song she wanted to learn and learn it. It didn’t matter if it was out of her skill set or not. At age 12 she began singing lessons, and at age 14 she began to learn the guitar. While attending a performing arts high school, Seah had the opportunity to refine her performance skills, and star in many musical theatre productions. Also during her high school years, Seah was a soloist in the internationally acclaimed Sarah Sommer Chai Folk Ensemble - the oldest and largest Israeli folk dance ensemble and the only one in North America to perform exclusively to live musical accompaniment. Captivated by the stage, Seah chose to further her musical education in the B.C. Mountains at Selkirk College. She earned two diplomas in Contemporary and Jazz Vocal Performance and Directed Studies and by the time she graduated, had her first solo release under her belt. After relocating to Vancouver, BC, Seah began singing background vocals for Peak Performance Top 20 artist Tea Petrovic, as well as beginning her own original project Sound of the Sun. Since moving to Vancouver, Seah has sung with many different projects including Ras Nikhilesh, Bad Boots (Steely Dan Cover Band), Steveland Ensemble (Stevie Wonder Cover Band), the VCC Motown Ensemble, the Matt Elderidge Band, Ghostess to name a few. Seah also teaches private voice, guitar and piano lessons through Long & McQuade and recently completed the degree program for Jazz/Contemporary Vocal Performance at Vancouver Community College.

Anthony Kelly

Anthony Kelly is a Canadian guitarist born in Richmond, British Columbia. Anthony studied for his degree in instrumental studies in music as a classical guitar major and jazz/contemporary guitar minor at Vancouver Community College (VCC) where he was awarded with numerous scholarships before deciding to focus his attentions primarily on his career as a guitar instructor and performer. Anthony has also studied guitar for many years under Canadian virtuoso guitarist, and music producer, Dave Martone where his primary focus has been in instrumental rock guitar in the style of guitarists such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Outside of his classical and jazz studies, popular guitar players who have inspired and influenced Anthony early on to play guitar include Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), and Brian May (Queen). Later influences include virtuoso guitarists such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe as well as his teacher and mentor, Dave Martone. Anthony Kelly is quickly establishing himself as a technically skilled guitarist, proficient in various musical styles and genres who is not only a performer, but an educator.

Alireza Tabatabaei


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Leonie Bunz

The Modern Music School in Tsawwassen is managed by Leonie Bunz. If you have any questions about Modern Music School and our different programs, please feel free to give us a call at (604) 338-8333 or send a message through the contact form.

Did you know we offer FREE trial lessons for new students?

That's right. Your first lesson is all about you to see if Modern Music School is your perfect place to rock out!

Leonie and our amazing coaches will also help you in finding the prefect instrument for you. Whether you like melodic and shredding sounds of the guitar, the thunder and technical fills of the drums, powerhouse rock vocals or catchy pop singing, the melodic and harmonic capabilities and dynamic range of keyboard, or the booming and grooving sounds of bass guitar. All you have to do is make a decision and let us know which instrument you are interested in learning.

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