With its more than 60 international branches, Modern Music School is one of the largest music schools in the world.

Modern Music School was founded in Germany in 1987 by Hans-Peter Becker. Ever since, our school has grown further and further, mainly thanks to its successful and unique teaching and learning concept for rock and pop music. Modern Music School arrived in several countries all over the world, like Greece, the USA, Canada, the United Arabic Emirates, Iran and intends to grow in more parts of the world.

You decide what you play

At Modern Music School, our students study their dream instrument with enthusiastic, motivated, and methodically trained teachers. Our teachers know how to place the interests of their students front and center

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The music lesson as the high point of the week

As a focal point, the Modern Music School teaches rock and pop music for children, teens, and adults, whether for a hobby or preparation for a professional career. Our years of experience are the basis of a unique and very successful teaching and learning concept.

More than just lessons

From the first day, it has been our goal to not just provide our students with the best instruction, but to offer them even more.

With our unique teaching method we provide a methodological and didactical advancement in small learning groups. This means more fun, faster learning, and greater musicality in the lessons and at home.