Modern Music School is a music school unlike any other. What makes MMS unique is that you get to set your goals, and we give you the professional support you need to reach them.

The most important driver for fast and long-lasting success is motivation. Guitar, drums, bass, piano or singing — at Modern Music School, you'll learn your favorite instrument with enthusiastic, motivating, methodologically and didactically trained music coaches.


With us, you don't just learn to play music, you also pick up the theory behind it and play live on stage.

We are a team of professional coaches with extensive training in MMS specific teaching methods and regularly advance our teaching qualifications as well as our professional and personal skills.

There s no better place to foster — or discover – your musical talent. To effectively learn to sing or play an instrument, you need qualified coaches and a well-equipped music school.

Recorders and xylophones aren't for us. At Modern Music School we teach the popular rock and pop instruments: We offer guitar lessons for electric guitar and acoustic guitar, bass lessons, piano lessons, keyboard lessons, drum lessons and singing lessons. Our music programs are as varied as our student s musical demands. Our concept is customizable. In addition to our tried and tested Personal Program — our one-on-one music lessons — we offer a Team Program for group music lessons, a Band Program for band lessons, and, last but not least, our Professional Program for students who aspire to become pro musicians.

Modern Music School was founded by Hans-Peter Becker in 1987. Since then, thanks to our unique teaching and learning concept for rock and pop music, it has been growing steadily. From Los Angeles to Hamburg from Athens to Dubai, Modern Music School is represented in Germany, Greece, Canada, the United States of America, Iran and the United Arab Emirates and we intend to expand into other countries as well. Music is the universal language that everyone understands and that connects people around the world. Book a free music coaching at your Modern Music School. We look forward to meeting you!

Decide what you play

Whenever we're motivated, learning becomes easy and fun. That's why we let you choose what to play. We don't quench your motivation by teaching you dull scales or outdated folk songs; we kindle it by letting you rock your favorite songs.

At Modern Music School, we developed the most innovative and highest quality music education and place the fun of learning an instrument front and center.

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