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Modern Music School Bruchsal is managed by Manuel Barth. If you have questions about Modern Music School or if you want to book a free trial lesson, just call Manuel school manager via +79(0)7251 9816488 or send a message via the contact form. Manuel will be happy to help you in finding your dream instrument. Guitar, drums, vocals, keyboard or bass: Together with your MMS Coach you are going to decide which songs and which instrument you desire to learn during your music lessons.


If for any reason, within 30 days after starting your lesson, you feel you have made the wrong decision, we cancel the contract – no question asked.


At Modern Music School, our students study their dream instrument with enthusiastic, motivated, and methodically trained teachers. Our teachers know how to place the interests of their students front and center.

Tansy Davis

Born in Germany, raised in the US, Tansy Davis fell in love with soul and funk music at a very early age. As she evolved, she also found her passion for jazz music, which is what you can find her performing most of the time.
This soulful singer with her powerful, but at the same time sensitive emotional voice has the ability to feel and take in every ounce of the music surrounding her. This combination enables her to deliver all genres of music, authentically without losing her own style.
She has shared stages with national and international artists such as Nils Landgren, Wolf Kerschek (Rammstein, Roger Cicero), Ack van Royen, Thorsten Skringer (Heavytones, Soul Kitchen), Nils Gessinger and Matteo Scrimalli (Joy Denalane, Max Herre).
2009 she participated in the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival and 2011 went on a concert tour to South Africa.
In the fall of 2011 she formed her first own band “Tansy Davis´ Supersoul”. The 11 musicians live and breathe the music of neosoul artists like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. On stage they unleash a groove ridden firework of driving beats, accompanied by a tight horn section and riveting vocal harmonys.
short musical vita
2000 first band (Fusion, Funk, Soul)
more than 10 years of stage and studio experience (Jazz, Funk, Soul, Pop, Rock)
March – July 2011: guest student at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts
since October 2011: contact study at the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts

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Martin Lang

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Alexei Pehotin

Gesang? Gitarre? Oder am liebsten gleich beides zusammen? Alexei ist als Gitarrenlehrer und Gesangslehrer an mehreren Modern Music School Standorten tätig. So gibt er Gitarrenunterricht und Gesangsunterricht an den Modern Music Schools Speyer, Landau und Bruchsal.
Bist du Anfänger oder hast du bereits einiges an musikalischer Vorerfahrung? Magst du lieber Rock, Pop oder Jazz? Spielst du besser mit anderen zusammen oder traust du dich mehr, wenn du mit deinem Musiklehrer allein bist? Wie auch immer du tickst - das Erfolgskonzept für deinen Weg als Musiker ist ein Musikunterricht, den Alexei individuell auf dich abstimmt.
Alexei selbst hat im Jahr 2012 erfolgreich das Professional Program der Modern Music School absolviert und damit alle Voraussetzungen in Theorie und Praxis, um dich mit seinem ambitionierten Unterricht nach unserem bewährten pädagogischen Konzept zu motivieren, zu begeistern und zu schnellen Lernerfolgen zu führen.

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