This is the instrument for all those who want to musically blow off steam. Now you’ll have to pick – electric or acoustic?

The electric guitar is the embodiment of rock music. All the way from punk to metal, no instrument has more influence on the overall sound than the electric guitar. However, other styles (such as blues, soul, and jazz) can benefit from it, too.

During your guitar classes, you will play proper songs from day one. You will learn to play the rhythm guitar and solos. This means that, once you join a band, youll be able to hit the ground running. Then you will realize how easy sounding good can be. For the longest time, the acoustic guitar was the instrument of choice for home use and fireside singing. The acoustic guitar is ideal for accompaniment and setting the mood in a cozy little group – unplugged, of course. Take your pick – do you want to play the electric or the acoustic guitar? Or, perhaps, both?