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Stephan Zender

Modern Music School Kasel is managed by Stephan Zender. If you have questions about Modern Music School or if you want to book a free trial lesson, just call Stephan via 0651 9944750 or 0171 6147810 or send a message via the contact form. Stephan will be happy to help you in finding your dream instrument. Guitar, drums, vocals, keyboard or bass: Together with your MMS Coach you are going to decide which songs and which instrument you desire to learn during your music lessons.


If for any reason, within 30 days after starting your lesson, you feel you have made the wrong decision, we cancel the contract – no question asked.


At Modern Music School, our students study their dream instrument with enthusiastic, motivated, and methodically trained teachers. Our teachers know how to place the interests of their students front and center.

Werner Schwarz

Werner entered the stage at the age of 15, guitar player in different bands, starting with folk, then jam groups, to rock and blues music.
Werner started as a teacher of the Modern Music School in 2009, now teaching his students in Trier, Hermeskeil and Kasel.
For years Werner is on stage with his band Bluesaorsch (even in Turkey and Tunisia). Bluesaorsch supported Canned Heat, Dr. Feelgood, Frankfurt City Blues Band, Juke, Mothers Finest, Rare Earth and others.

Stephan Zender

In order to improve his playing in the 1990s Stephan takes lessons with Hans-Peter Becker at the Modern Music School in Idar-Oberstein. Inspired by him, he went after studying pedagogics in 1996 to Los Angeles to study there at the Los Angeles Music Academy with teacher-legends such as Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey, Mark Schulman (P!nk, Foreigner, Billy Idol), etc. a year under the California sun drums.He meets frequently to jam with Dave Lombardo (Slayer), who he met before at a drum camp of the Modern Music School.After his return from America Stephan starts to teach in the Modern Music School and today runs the Modern Music School in Trier, Hermeskeil and Kasel.Over the years he played in several bands. He records two albums with "The Shanes" and toured with them for several years through Europe and America.In 2006 Stephan founded the Metallica Tribute Band "Moretallica" which merged in 2010 with MY'TALLICA Tribute Band and has since set standards for authentic Metallica cover shows all overEurope.Since 2007 he plays drums in the band Timeless, here he plays classic rock unplugged.

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