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Frank Hölper

Modern Music School Pottum is managed by Frank Hölper. If you have questions about Modern Music School or if you want to book a free trial lesson, just call Frank via 02664 993670 or 0177 5284630 or send a message via the contact form. Frank will be happy to help you in finding your dream instrument. Guitar, drums, vocals, keyboard or bass: Together with your MMS Coach you are going to decide which songs and which instrument you desire to learn during your music lessons.


At Modern Music School, our students study their dream instrument with enthusiastic, motivated, and methodically trained teachers. Our teachers know how to place the interests of their students front and center.

Modern Music School
Industriestraße 1
56457 Halbs
T: 02664 993670
M: 0177 5284630
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Name Participants Duration of weekly lessons Duration of contract agreement Monthly tuition
team 2 - 4 45 min 6 month(s) 55.00
personal 30 1 - 1 30 min 6 month(s) 55.00
personal 45 1 - 1 45 min 6 month(s) 75.00