Modern Music School is the perfect choice for beginners, intermediates and future professionals of all ages. After all, we offer a suitable program for each and every student – starting at the Personal Program for individual and particular interests, our Team Program and reaching all the way to the Band Program, which is aimed at making progress by having fun as a group.


Many studies have proven: The best learning environment is within a small group of similarly minded members – which is precisely what our Team Program offers.

Our unique methodical system promotes an atmosphere of learning from one another. This will help you make progress faster than you would on your own, especially since group interaction trains both your ear and your rhythm. It’s also a lot more fun, and whenever you’re having fun while learning, learning is easy!

Nowhere else will you find as many ways of making music together. The Team Program challenges good musicians even more than individual classes would – and all those who have a tough time when practicing alone are encouraged by the group.

And once you’ve made progress, you can show it off by going on stage – at one of our MMS Concerts!


Anyone who knows the basics on their instrument can, essentially start playing in a band – ideally with an experienced teacher who can offer guidance. Our Band Program is the place to learn this.

In this class, you practice songs with other musicians on a weekly basis, rehearsing them until you can take them to the stage. Once you hit that point, we will set you up with great gigs – your fans are already waiting!


In our Personal Program you receive a program which is designed by your teacher especially for you and your personal goals.

Our Personal Program is the right choice for you if you want to learn more about particular subjects, if you want to get started on a professional career, or if you simply get the most out of having one-on-one classes.

Only teachers with the best possible qualifications are permitted to teach the Personal Program – as a result, they will be able to tailor every class to your particular needs.


Are you dreaming of becoming a professional musician?

Make it happen with our Professional Program. In this program we are teaching and coaching musicians for years and with great success. Our graduates made their dream come true and make a living playing their music today. Most of them became successful musicians in Germany and some even made it in the US.

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