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Learn to play bass in Traben-Trarbach


Looking for something special? Then the electric bass might well be your instrument.

Since it’s the deepest instrument in the band, many people fail to hear it. Should the bass fail, however, the music lacks that nice (and absolutely essential) vibrating feeling somewhere deep in your stomach. Interested?

The “electric bass guitar”, as the electric bass is also known, has often been shoved off to the side by the electric guitar. But while the electric bass is larger and heavier, it is not at all harder to learn. Your bass instructor will make sure of that.

Groove and timing will be the most important tools in your kit – you will be surprised how important you become all of a sudden. After all, a bass player holds the band together. You are the band’s secret leader, the one who doesn’t need to stand in the limelight.

Learn to play piano in Traben-Trarbach


Black and white is creative, especially when speaking of keys.

Playing the piano or keyboard means to be able to create any song in the world by using ten fingers; the number of songs borders infinity. The use of this instrument is equally variable – with the keys under your fingers, you are a soloist, accompanist, and band colleague.
The piano and the keyboard house melodies, chords and rhythms. All at the same time, if you like. With your keyboard instructor at your side, you can enjoy learning from the start and at the same time wrap your head around how the keys work.
Now, whether you want to play the piano or a keyboard it's your choice. The basics are the same in either case. And, if you don’t want to choose, just go ahead and learn both!

Learn vocals in Traben-Trarbach


Open your heart and touch the soul

Your voice can unfold anywhere you want: In a choir, under the shower, at parties with your friends, at the karaoke bar, or live, while on stage. How and where doesn’t matter – whenever you sing, you conjure up great emotions. Most particularly within yourself. And, if you want, in your audience, too.

How convenient, then, that any song or style you might possibly want to sing can be taught with appropriate exercises and songs. Your vocal teacher will show you these exercises and songs, all the while sticking to the simplest rule of all: Singing means to feel good. After all, whatever feels good also sounds good. As long as you keep that in mind, singing will come as naturally to you as speaking.

Prior knowledge? The most important thing is that you have fun when you sing. And, if your voice is healthy, it must automatically also be “good” – we’ll show you the rest.

Learn to play drums in Traben-Trarbach


Playing the drums is pure action and loads of fun – especially when you’re playing in a band. You give the count, and off you are, your songs take off like a rocket. And you’re the one who gets to hold the steering wheel.

On the drums, coordination is everything. Luckily, though, you can practice coordination step by step. Your teacher will show you how to effortlessly play your favorite music from the get-go. Rock, metal, or punk. Or perhaps funk, soul, and jazz?

It doesn’t matter. After all, the drums can handle any style. We’ll show you how it’s done.


Learn to play guitar in Traben-Trarbach


This is the instrument for all those who want to musically blow off steam. Now you’ll have to pick – electric or acoustic?

The electric guitar is the embodiment of rock music. All the way from punk to metal, no instrument has more influence on the overall sound than the electric guitar. However, other styles (such as blues, soul, and jazz) can benefit from it, too.

During your guitar classes, you will play proper songs from day one. You will learn to play the rhythm guitar and solos. This means that, once you join a band, youll be able to hit the ground running. Then you will realize how easy sounding good can be. For the longest time, the acoustic guitar was the instrument of choice for home use and fireside singing. The acoustic guitar is ideal for accompaniment and setting the mood in a cozy little group – unplugged, of course. Take your pick – do you want to play the electric or the acoustic guitar? Or, perhaps, both?



At Modern Music School, our students study their dream instrument with enthusiastic, motivated, and methodically trained teachers. Our teachers know how to place the interests of their students front and center.

Micha Kaiser

Micha haut bereits seit einigen Jahren in die Tasten – am liebsten in die eines Flügels, doch auch an Klavier, E-Piano und allen möglichen Arten von Keyboards fühlt er sich zu Hause.
Er komponiert eigene Stücke und versucht sich als Songwriter.
Micha ist seit 2013 Organist, spielte und spielt in diversen Bands und engagiert sich musikalisch sowie pädagogisch.
Nachdem er seine Kindheit und Jugend im Hessischen Lahn-Dill-Kreis verbrachte, studiert Micha seit 2017 Musikwissenschaften und Management & Ökonomie an der Universität Koblenz.
Micha gibt Keyboard- und Klavierunterricht an den Standorten Traben-Trarbach und Simmern.

Stefan Andrae

Stefan ist bereits seit 1990 als Schlagzeuger aktiv. Er studierte an der Frankfurter Musikwerktstatt (FMW) und machte dort erfolgreich seinen Abschluss zum Berufsmusiker und Instrumentalpädagogen. Schon vor seinem Studium gab Stefan Schlagzeugunterricht, machte Bandcoachings und leitete Rhythmikkurse. Er war und ist in unterschiedlichen Bands aktiv und in verschiedenen musikalischen Stilrichtungen zuhause. Er wurde mit verschiedenen Preisen ausgezeichnet – so war seine Band Appreciate Ground Sieger beim Rockbuster. Stefan spielte auf kleineren Bühnen und war an großen Shows in der Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt, auf der Popkomm Berlin sowie bei Shows in Malta und Irland, Supportshows von Jupiter Jones, Jennifer Rostock, Volbeat, Raunchy, Hatesphere, Such a Surge, Exilia uvm.

 beteiligt. Stefan unterrichtet als Schlagzeuglehrer an mehreren Standorten der Modern Music School, so gibt er Schlagzeugunterricht an unseren Musikschulen in Trier und in Simmern.

Max Raltschitsch

Max absolvierte mit Erfolg das Professional Program Guitar an der Modern Music School. Inzwischen studiert er Jazzgitarre an der Jazzhausschule in Köln und ist als Gitarrist in einer Jazz-Combo und als Leadgitarrist der Band Sacrilegion aktiv. An der Modern Music School ist uns Max nach Abschluss des Professional Programs als Gitarrenlehrer erhalten geblieben. Max gibt Gitarrenunterricht für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene jeden Alters - immer individuell auf seine Schüler, ihren musikalischen Backround und ihre persönlichen musikalischen Ziele abgestimmt.

School Manager

Stefan Andrae

Modern Music School Traben-Trarbach is managed by Stefan Andrae. If you have questions about Modern Music School or if you want to book a free trial lesson, just call Stefan via 06541 8612730 or 0178 4918544 or send a message via the contact form. Stefan will be happy to help you in finding your dream instrument. Guitar, drums, vocals, keyboard or bass: Together with your MMS Coach you are going to decide which songs and which instrument you desire to learn during your music lessons.

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Name Participants‎ Duration Of Weekly Lesson Duration Of Contract Agreement Monthly tuition
band 5 - 8 60 min 12 month(s) 49.00
team 2 - 4 45 min 6 month(s) 69.00
personal 30 1 - 1 30 min 6 month(s) 79.00
personal plus 30 1 - 1 30 min 3 month(s) 89.00
personal 45 1 - 1 45 min 6 month(s) 119.00
personal plus 45 1 - 1 45 min 3 month(s) 129.00