Open your heart and touch the soul

Your voice can unfold anywhere you want: In a choir, under the shower, at parties with your friends, at the karaoke bar, or live, while on stage. How and where doesn’t matter – whenever you sing, you conjure up great emotions. Most particularly within yourself. And, if you want, in your audience, too.

How convenient, then, that any song or style you might possibly want to sing can be taught with appropriate exercises and songs. Your vocal teacher will show you these exercises and songs, all the while sticking to the simplest rule of all: Singing means to feel good. After all, whatever feels good also sounds good. As long as you keep that in mind, singing will come as naturally to you as speaking.

Prior knowledge? The most important thing is that you have fun when you sing. And, if your voice is healthy, it must automatically also be “good” – we’ll show you the rest.